2 CD SET I Am In 3D Sound Mind Blowing!
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2 CD SET I Am In 3D Sound Mind Blowing!

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For (1) Brand New copy of Paul Santisi's guided mediation "I AM" in 3d Sound!
What is 3D Sound? 3D sound is experienced with headphones on. 3D sound uses a very expensive microphone to capture sound that is 100% organic and lifelike. You will feel as if you are surrounded in the space around you. Paul Santisi has pioneered the 3D mediation market and has reach international status with how amazing and effective his 3D meditations are. YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY!  

INCLUDES a BONUS CD $40 Value - I AM - Deep Relaxed Version

Condition - Brand new
Cosmetic - NEW
CD's - Includes 2 digital audio CD's
CD #1 - Is a Listen Anytime Audio
CD #2 - Is a Deep Relaxed Audio

NEW AND SPECTACULAR Guided Meditation. 
Mind blowing 3d Sound - Unlimited positive suggestion - Amazingly soothing and empowering music.
Thousands of positive I AM affirmations the change your body's frequency and positive energetic vibrations.
Expand your positive energetic vibrations and feel the change!
"Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke". Licensed by http://www.royaltyfreemusic.com
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