5 Meditations BUNDLE Package
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5 Meditations BUNDLE Package

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Here is your chance to downlaod 5 amazing meditations.

What's Included:

1. Astral Projection #1 - Utilzes different methods for Astral Projection

2. Astral Projection #2.

3. 3rd Eye Activation - Acitivate the power of your minds eye

4. Collective Consciousness - Tap into the Field of all information and dial in to unlimited knowledge and wisdom

5. Walking With Your Spirit Guides. Attain answers about yourself and your true lifes purpose.

Over 5 hours of World Class Guided Meditations


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Limited Time Only!

Love, Paul


All Files are highest quality .mp3 audios. Play on any device, phone, computer etc...make your own discs.

Download Instantly.


"Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke". Licensed by http://www.royaltyfreemusic.com
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