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Paul Santisi Life Coaching / Mentoring

​It's a great day!  Paul Santisi here.  Thank you for your interest, in my limited time opportunity to assist you in your life as your personal life coach!  I fall asleep at night and wake up each day with so much gratitude and thankfulness due to the fact that so many of you are experiencing amazing life changing results with the audios and videos that I share with you.  It's because of you that I wake up each day with purpose and excitement to hear from you, how your lives have improved in unlimited ways. I want you to know that I do appreciate you!  

Many of you have been asking me, how can I get in contact with you Paul because I have some questions or need clarification on some situations that are going on in my life.



  • Ask anything you want to talk about.
  • Session is 100% private and confidential.
  • Sessions can be just you or if you have others that want to join in on the experience that is fine as well.
  • I will talk to you from experience and not just give back canned or rehearsed answers like so many others do.
  • You will reach new clarity and understandings that will leave you feeling amazing and great!​
  • ​We get to connect 1 on 1 and amplify your energetic vibrations.
  • You will feel amazing after each session.

The Exciting News!

I am making myself available to anyone around the World that feels that they could benefit from a LIVE 1 on 1 mentoring / coaching session from myself. Sessions can be done via the phone or SKYPE video. This way you can benefit from the comfort of your own own home or device, while you are able to talk with me and have my full attention. I look forward to getting to know you, hearing your story and becoming life long friends. Remember this is your time so we can talk about anything that you desire.  Until the next time we speak, have a super day and keep being great!


Successfully Yours,


Paul Santisi


Details: After checkout and payment is received, someone from our offices will 
contact you to set up Date, Time and method. Phone or SKYPE Video. You may also 
bring others onto the phone/video as well. Example if you choose a phone call you 
can 3-way another person. If you are using SKYPE Video(recommended) you can have 
as many people in the room that you wish. This way you can split costs if that is 
something that fits your needs. Paul looks forward to talking to you soon!
Note: No coupon code discounts can be applied to coaching / mentoring pricing.

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