Clearing & Abundance Experience #2 Money Blocks
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Clearing & Abundance Experience #2 Money Blocks

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Paul Santisi Clearing And Abundance audios are some of the most effective audios on the planet that deliver INSTANT RESULTS on first listen. 

While others charge $2,000 - $3,000 even as much $7,500 per clearing audio Paul delivers a far superior product for a fraction of the price at $197.

Right now they are on SALE at HUGE CELEBRATION DISCOUNT at only $39.95 each

Covering many important topics as:

Experience #1: Doubt - Fears - Procrastination - Forgiveness

Experience #2 Money Blocks

Experience #3 Deep Visualization

Experience #4  Controlling The Ego

Experience #5 Emotional Enemies Of The Mind

Each audio has it’s own intention, clearing and releasing power.


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