Custom Clearing And Abundance Audio ONE OF A KIND
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Custom Clearing And Abundance Audio ONE OF A KIND

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It’s a great Paul Santisi here.  Over the last 7 years I have been creating one of a kind custom meditations for people spanning the planet.

From teachers, lawyers, politicians, musicians, celebrities, high level executives, authors, medical professionals, veterans, scientists, healers, trauma and abuse victims, landscapers, coffee shop baristas and everyone else in between.

The response has been nothing short of amazing.

It’s been an honor to assist so many of you with your life's desires through the power of my intention for you, through a custom meditation.

With that said, I have also received many emails about people wanting something else besides a meditation.

Every email begins the same, Paul, “I have this block”, “I have the hangup”, I have this problem I need help with”.

As you know, blocks, hangups, limiting beliefs, negative programs etc can literally hold you back for a lifetime. 

Keeping you in a horrific holding pattern of lack, confusion and frustration. Never getting any further ahead no matter how hard you try, no matter how many books you read, audios you listen to or events you attend.

Your frustrated because you see others being happy and succeeding, for you it’s a massive struggle to keep that momentum going.

What If I was to tell you that I know a special formula or series of clearing techniques that can can remove these blocks and remove them fast in around 15-20 minutes?

Are you interested?

For a limited time, I am offering you the chance to work with me personally to create a powerful 15-20 minute clearing audio that is made 100% just for you that will unlock and release your own abundance.

All you need to do, is answer a few simple questions that I have prepared for you about where you are right now, what you want the future to be and what you feel is your block(s), hangup(s), or reasons.

I will then create a special one of kind clearing and abundance audio just for you. 

I will harness 100% of my pure positive loving intention and direct it into your audio with laser focus and emotional intensity. 

I can deliver you a far superior audio for a fraction of the price compared to what others charge.

I am here to assist the “able” to become “more able”.  This special one of kind clearing and abundance audio is what you have been searching a lifetime to get your hands on.  Now is your chance!

Then, when it’s done I will email it to you in mp3 form or if you want a physical CD mailed to you just let us know.

I will create your audio as soon as possible and you will receive it within 14 days from the date that you send back the answers that we will send you after you order.

Are you interested?

Then, all you do is listen to it everyday for 21 days. The more you listen the better, however 21 days is the magic number because after 21 days new neural pathways or habit forming subconscious patterns will become part of who you are and your overall DNA vibration.  Trust me when you feel how good this audio will make you feel you will want to listen to it  over and over again.

Here is the truth. I see others out there who are charging upwards of $7,500 for a custom clearing audio and if its works for someone than you can’t put a price on results.

Although I think $7,500 is far too much for 97% of people who really need this kind of help.

I once had massive blocks holding me back.  I too used to struggle day to day emotionally, with a mind that was over active and full of stress and disappointment on why life was so hard to figure out.

It was not until I invested in myself.  I found a mentor to clear me of my blocks and to release my power to allow abundance into my life.

I then used that clearing momentum to create my life on my terms.  You can to and I want to prove it to you!

That is difference.  I will create from a place of real life experience.  I know how you feel, I have felt the same way.  I can assist you in ways that no one else can.

Still interested?

After your lock in your spot, you will receive a followup email from one of my assistants to get the details for your audio.

You know  I love ya!
Paul Santisi


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