Interviewed By Paul Santisi + Professional Training RADIO STYLE
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Interviewed By Paul Santisi + Professional Training RADIO STYLE

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This is a very special opportunity to not only be interviewed by Paul Santisi via telephone interview to promote yourself, business, product or service.


Also includes as a HUGE time saving BONUS you will receive a LIVE video session with Paul Santisi where he will train you on how to become at EXPERT at interviewing.

You can then use the interview he co-creates with you to promote and propel yourself and your business forward faster than you think.

There is a secret formula and an art to interviewing that all the successful people, Hollywood actors and sports figures use to keep the audience hanging on there every word.

Paul has learned and been applying these same secret techniques for years and continues to be interviewed on radio shows, podcasts and television and internet shows all over the world.

When Paul goes on a show the audience stays tuned and is hungry for what Paul will say next.  This is what he will teach you how to do.

With this special offer Paul will take the time and COACH you on how to become an expert interviewer first. 

Then he will interview you himself as the host and deliver to you a broadcast ready audio.

You can then easily use this knowledge to make your own winning ads and promotions, audios or become the host of your own show if you want to. 

You will learn how to easily book your self on radio shows, podcasts and any form of media.

Paul will show you exactly how to NAIL THE INTERVIEW in one take one shot, impress the audience and have them cheering you on.  Just like the pro’s do!

You will learn how to be entertaining, engaging, informative, exciting and how to become an expert at the art of story telling.

It’s not hard once you know the formula.  If you never learn the proven formula you will spend a lifetime failing at it and never figure it out.

What Paul will share with you, has never been recorded and is only taught via live video or via phone.

If this sounds exciting to you here is the details.

Cost: $1,497.00 (usd)


  • A live video training session by Paul Santisi on how to become an expert at interviewing.
  • A live (30 minute) radio style interview hosted by Paul Santisi (when you are ready) that you can use to broadcast and promote yourself, your product or service.
  • A high quality 320k broadcast quality mp3 with music.

NOTE: Paul does offer a video version of this package that includes as well take a look at the package if your are confident enough for video.

This is a non-refundable service. You will receive expert training and a finished product to use that you own 100% of right to royalty free. Paul cannot guarantee anyones success. Ones success is solely based on their ability to apply and deliver the training that one will receive through this service. Success is also based on the quality of service for ones product or service that Paul has no say over.

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