Paul Santisi "Insanity" 3D Sound Microphone
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Paul Santisi "Insanity" 3D Sound Microphone

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If you have ever heard any of Paul Santisi amazing audios in 3D sound then you

know just how amazing and powerful this technology is!!


If you ever wanted to create your own 3D sound audios then you will love this.


We are now offering for sale the same exact unit that Paul Santisi uses to create

his MIND BLOWING 3D audios! Now you can have your very own and start creating MIND BLOWING

audios for what ever you want! Capture Nature or create your own experience! This microphone gives you everything you need!


Note: Units are made to order and will ship within 3-6 weeks upon ordering.



Professional Fiberglass head / body

(2) Hand made ear canals for exact to human ear capture

(1) Set of high quality Binaural Microphnes (uses mini jack stereo cable)

(1) USB Flash 3D sound capture drive (needed to capture and experience 3d sound)

(2) Exact to human ear - silicone ears (that pick up vibration and depth)

BONUS - Includes instructional audio to get you started.


Quality compared to other units costing thousands fo dollars! 

Note: no additional coupon codes can be applied to 3d microphones. 

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