Self Mastery Series Becoming One With Cosmic Consciousness 4CD
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Self Mastery Series Becoming One With Cosmic Consciousness 4CD

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This course is ultra powerful and effective. Guaranteed results the first time you listen!

This if for (4) digital download audios. You will be listening in moments!



ANSWER: Collective consciousness, is the set of shared beliefs, ideas, all knowledge and all information.  Past, present and future.  Which operate as a unifying force, field or stream within itself.It's an infinite stream of every thought that has ever been thought or that will ever be thought by any one mind.  Whether that mind is physical or non physical. Tapping into this this field is something that has been practiced for thousands of years.


    When one is able to connect with "ones self" that is the moment you you become one with this "collective field".  Meaning you are then unified with the energy stream where all information, knowledge, intuition, guidance and abilities are. That you can use to your advantage to create your life on your terms without any fears, blocks, or resistance.  One will be able to influence others in ways that you never thought possible.  As well as to purify the vibration and essence of ones soul to further explore and embrace spiritual ascension.


    If you do not know how to or why it's available to you, you will never consciously connect to it.  We as beings with "minds" all connect to it all the time in varying degrees. It's just most (99.99999%) think nothing of it by reacting to what they perceive through it. If you want to MASTER your connection to it, then you DO NEED to learn and practice some specific techniques and principles.  However it's not hard once you start. That is what these audios do for you. They teach how and why it works. Then as only Paul Santisi can do, he guides you along through all the elements so you can consciously connect to the cosmic/collective consciousness field NOW.  Then with practice that unity gets stronger and stronger.


    God is portrayed as the Father of Christ and Cosmic/Collective Consciousness is BEYOND CREATION that God and Christ present themselves through. Jesus, Buddha Mohammed and every other "god" or "force" or any figure where power and guidance is derived through.It's that belief that is streamed through to the minds who seeks it.  It's all part of the cosmic/collective field of energy and knowledge.  The fact is that we all have a different role to play, and each (including you) has a varying level of connectivity with their higher self.No one is born in a fully Christened or in a (“purified”) state, but each of us can develop themselves to the point of purity and to be one with our essence.  Experiencing purity is just one of the guided demonstrations that Paul Santisi will guide you along during these audios that will assist you in ways that you can't fathom.


    This means one is in communion with one’s creator "down here on "this planet and conscious plane".  This is different then being in communion with BEYOND CREATION that leads to cosmic consciousness.  Which is when one is fully  accessing, utilizing  and experiencing ALL information that is beyond the physical plane that we need our senses to comprehend or justify or validate as real.

    This means one is aware that the human body is not all we are.  That the human body is a "thing" and that WHO WE ARE goes far beyond just being a "thing" that physically lives and dies within a period of time.  This is what opens the doors or curiosity which is when one is accessing and experiencing ALL the information that is within the ever expanding creation.


Without getting confusing, cosmic/collective consciousness is an ultra high state of the illumination of ones self.

Its' when your mind is tuned in and in perfect vibrational harmony with "ones self" through the three levels on consciousness.

This is when "self awareness" and "self presence" presents itself to the self, in the form of knowledge, and divine unity with the collective field of energy.

That in turn is when beliefs become " I know, I am".  What is then observed through a separate vantage point of the observer.

Meaning that the cosmic or collective field of energy is not a reality that we are conditioned to believe a reality is.

The cosmic/collective filed of energy is a condition that only exists through the ability of a "mind" "any mind" to observe.

It's the state of being, that is free from all physical senses and thought.

It's reaching PURE CONSCIOUS ILLUMINATION and self discovery.

It's when the observer becomes a "rock solid" foundation of ones self.

In the Spiritual developed individual, the person who becomes aware of, and recognizes the  three levels of the conscious "I," or the "I am" within. 

It's when one then will be able to utilize its will upon the subconscious mind with definite intention to attain any all answers , guidance, intuition and impressions that one desires.


Let me also explain it like this. Collective consciousness is not its own reality.  The truth is that consciousness is not a thing like your thoughts are.

Thoughts are things.  Thoughts have weight and mass. You create your thoughts, adding the weight and mass to each thought by attaching emotions to that thought.

That is what makes your thoughts become a THING and for you to recognize them as REAL.
Thoughts are real because you have attached your emotions and belief to them, which give them weight and mass.

Now that thought is added to the cosmic/collective consciousness field.

Just like when the physical body dies, it loses weight. Meaning the body then weighs less than it did when it was alive. It's the weight and mass of the thoughts and emotions that leave the dead brain and move on with the spirit in the form of knowledge.


Let me ask you this.  Have you ever noticed that you had a great idea then before you can blink you see that idea online or on television by someone else doing it? Then you think to yourself "HEY! THEY STOLE MY IDEA!".

No, they did not steal your idea!  How could they if you never met them or told them about it?

What occurred was, you both picked up on the energy filed of that idea as a block of thought from this field of energy.

You both unconsciously received the same "block of thought".

The only difference is one of you took action and the other did not.

The idea that you both had came from another minds as it was added to the collective consciousness field.


Anyone or anything with a MIND has access to this field.  Its just that most 99.99999%  don't know how to become one with this constant stream of information.  They think that they are the one who came up with the BRIGHT IDEA!

The truth is that they received the idea, impression, or intuition because they were ready and open to receive it whether they are consciously aware of it or not.


  • Learn how to connect with the all the levels on consciousness in ways that you have never heard before.
  • Learn how to truly connect with ones self easily and quickly.
  • Learn the power and magic on how to connect with and unite with this STREAM OF COSMIC ENERGY right away.
  • Learn how and why this field of energy exists.  What it's for and how anyone with a mind can tap into it.
  • Be guided through specific demonstrations as you connect to all the elements of consciousness GUARANTEED!
  • Gain infinite knowledge and answers that you can then apply to LIVE THE BEST LIFE EVER.
  • Become one with "the self" and enter that stage of illumination from within.
  • Enhance and release abilities, healing powers, intuition, psychic powers, high level awareness, self presence, creative abilities, mind powers, plus so much more.
  • Includes 4 audios that will give you "full circle" knowledge through teaching and interactive demonstrations through truth that will release more of "ones self".
  • Be guided along by Paul Santisi in the connection and MASTERY to the cosmic/collective field of energy from awareness to the subconscious to the collective consciousness, to purifying your consciousnesses to complete illumination of ones self.



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