Unlock Enlightment 5 Audio Program DIGITAL DOWNLOADS
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Unlock Enlightment 5 Audio Program DIGITAL DOWNLOADS

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It’s a great day!

This is for 5 digital downloads.  Physical CD sets are also available.


It’s actually one of the most important questions to ask yourself.

How would you like to make each day brighter, full of awareness, mental clarity, happiness, fulfillment, self control and prosperity?

We have all heard the phrase “enlightened” before right?

Well what does it mean to be “enlightened”?
What are benefits of becoming enlightened and how do you know if you are?

I have been learning, applying and experiencing many of the aspects of being an enlightened being for quiet some time now.

I have read many books, watched many videos and spoken with those who are very enlightened. 

What I have observed is that to be “enlightened” has a different meanings to everyone but at the “core” everyone that is “enlightened” have the same vibrational and character traits as part of who they are.

After years of observation and asking many questions about what makes up enlightenment I am CONFIDENT that I have nailed it down to a handful of key principles and wisdom that anyone can learn, apply and activate in their own lives.

How do I know?  I have been sharing this knowledge with some key students over a period of time now and we have been discussing the real life results of this.   

As you know I only teach from real life personal experiences, and that is why I am being guided through an “intense feeling” to share this with you right now.

We can all become enlightened. This was part of the original plan before we decided to come forth and became physical beings. 

However, through outside, external programs, frequencies, and negative influence we as a species have become very out of touch with ourselves.  From a energetic or spiritual vantage point and have been for a very long time.

Even though their are more people right now on this planet than in any other time in recorded history, seeing things for what they “really are” and not how they are told to see things.  Many people still wake up each day with a veil of illusion over their eyes.

The evidence is everywhere. All the racial or religious hate, that people express all over the world.  People are killing each other over sporting events and parking spots. We have become very detached from being an enlightened species.

Once you hear this collective “enlightened”  wisdom that I recorded and apply it, you will not only feel it.  

You will want to live by it because of the amazing life that you will unlock based on your new found abilities to create and observe what your intentions are.

Your thoughts, heart, body and spirit will be in perfect alignment.

Trust me when you dial into your own vibrational alignment feelings of knowingness will flow through in ways that no physical words can describe.

The question is: Are you enlightened?

Do you really know what it means to be enlightened?

Do you know all the elements just as good as you know your own name? 

Is it a part of you?

If you had to think about it, then you are not fully enlightened and that is fine.

Let me ask you this, do you have the desire to live the rest of your life as an enlightened being?

Someone who knows their worth, power and how unlimited you really are to command and call forth anything that you want to experience in this physical reality?

If the answer is yes then keep reading this. 

If not that is 100% fine as well, you should keep reading this. 

Not everyone wants to be enlightened and their is no rule that says you have to be.

However, being enlightened creates feelings of bliss and empowerment.  All emotional and physical voids that can weigh people down and cause them to stay stuck in the rut system. 

Living each day with no sense of adventure,  no sense of purpose, or self worth. No direction, having constant confusion over the smallest of decisions. No clarity and no reasons to want to become much of anything.


I recorded some very revealing audios.  These audios could be considered “advanced” information because after listening and applying you will be 100% enlightened without question.

I will not be not be posting these audios online or on youtube. The reason is that this is specific information that not everyone has an interest in learning and it’s not my place to impose my way of thinking on anyone. I am here however to assist the able to become more able, and the capable to become more capable.

There is some fundamental principles that you must internalize from a mental and emotional vantage point first.  

That when fully grasped will unlock the doors to your individual enlightenment and what it means to you to be enlightened for the rest of your life.

I will also do something that virtually no ones else does.  I will explain how and why each concept works.  This is magical, because it will allow you and all your senses to absorb what is being presented.

Here is a sample of some of the energetic, emotional, and physical benefits of becoming enlightened that I will go over in VAST detail on these audios.

Consistent Happiness: Most people feel bad most of the time over things that should have affect over them. Imagine flipping that switch and being happy most of the time and when something not so good happens it will not affect you on non desirable ways.

Ability To Send And Receive Energetic Support: Offering a vibration that is supportive, encouraging, loving, caring, compassionate and appreciative is very powerful.  Whether or not others feel the same about you. Knowing and being able to feel energetic and spiritual nourishment and encouragement from others in the moment  is needed to grow and expand mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Confidence And Self Control: Being 100% free of fears from the unknown.  Knowing that energetic and physical freedoms come from within first and how to release this quickly and effortlessly.

Being Able To Control The Direction Of Your Health: Yes by looking are our genes and family history, this can give us a indication of the direction that our health may take, but we have the choice whether to travel down that road or to choose another road. The choice is ours.  We decide what road to take.

Being Able To Connect The Vibration Of All Creation And Existence:  Being able to feel how everyone and everything is connected. Being able to realize that all physical manifestations. (humans, trees, animals, plants, rocks, galaxies and everything in between depends and thrive off one another for physical existence).

Being Able To Connect With The Communication Of Your Heart: Did you know your heart is 100 times more energetically powerful than your thoughts.  That your heart sends and receives frequencies that affect your overall vibration.

Being In 100% Emotional Control: Not 20% of the time, not 50% but how to experience 100% and complete emotional control is what I reveal to you. Ridding the ego for self validation is the key. There is a formula and I share it with you.

Becoming Aware Of How Ignorance Creates Suffering:  Whether It’s Coming From us Consciously, subconsciously Or at us by others.

Continuing To Thrive And Achieve Your Goals And Dreams Without Looking For Or Needing Anyones Approval Or Acceptance: What goes on inside your mind only belongs to you. You are master of your own reality.  Your thoughts and emotions only belong to you.

Self Leadership: Awakening yourself to the place of leading yourself by desire and purpose.  Rather from a place of control placed on you by outside influences.  Learn how to engage in the activities that feel good to you, regardless of the what they are.  Regardless of what you think you should be doing or what others expect you to do. Release the leader of yourself for the benefit of yourself and become a positive influence to others.


Here is the offer.

This is a multi 5 audio course.

The straight up no fluff recipe of enlightenment with specifics so you know exactly where you are on the scale of enlightenment.

  • I know this information works and it works fast when you apply it.
  • I appreciate the support that you send my way in listening as much as you do.
  • I appreciate you for wanting to learn more about who you are.
  • I want us all to have be do and have anything that we want in life.
  • My intention is to assist in experiencing and enlightened World one person at a time
  • I look forward to meeting and developing life long friendships with many of you.
  • I appreciate “able people” and if you are reading this you are able!

Also share this email.  The more enlightened we all become the more we can collectively experience greatness in our lives.

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