VIP Direct Line Access To Paul Santisi's Cell Phone For 30 Days
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VIP Direct Line Access To Paul Santisi's Cell Phone For 30 Days

Price: $1,200.00
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This is very RARE and limited opportunity to associate with Paul Santisi  via direct line, phone to phone.

How awesome would it be to have Paul Santisi just a phone call away?

Imagine how great that would be for your life or business?

Imagine being able to ask Paul Santisi about anything whenever the thought comes to mind?

Having instant access to a mentor is something RARE. 

For a limited time Paul Santisi is offering anyone the opportunity to have a direct line, a private cell phone number that you can call whenever you need advise or a question answered.

When you call Paul Santisi he will pick up and be their for you.

This way when you need counsel or have a quick question or aha moment you can call Paul Santisi personally.

How it works:

  • 1 month direct line communication is $1,200.00 (usd) for 30 day access.
  • After ordering we will mail you a package via mail delivery within 48 hours with your special VIP direct line phone number for Paul Santisi.
  • You will then register only (1) phone number to utilize for your calls.  All calls/txt must be made from the number registered.
  • Calls we be answered live by Paul Santisi between 9a-1pm EST Mon-Fri.  If a call is missed it will be returned within 30 minutes.
  • TXT MESSAGES can be sent anytime and will be answered as soon as possible based on Paul Santisi’s schedule.


The sky is the limit and nothing is more powerful than observing the energy from someone who has been where you are who has what you want and who has been where you want to be.



Hello and thank you for you interest.  Notice I am not trying to prove a point by showing you a bunch of other peoples testimonials?

It’s because their is nothing to prove.  Each person’s experience is different and is kept 100% confidential.

Some will go on to make millions of dollars fast.  While others will finally remove that BLACK CLOUD of confusion that’s been over there head for decades. 

Some will experience creative ideas to change the world and some will finally know who they truly are and what there life purpose is.

At the end of the day everyone will experience aha moments and realizations about themselves that they never knew were possible.

I do not ask those who take part in these special private meetings with me to share there stories or to send in testimonials for me in an attempt to “impress you” with them.

THE FACT IS THAT It’s much more satisfying when “others” become a success story first, then go onto having a positive impact on others.  It’s observing others succeed and then help others to get more of what they want. That is what makes this doing these live meeting worth doing. 

I am making this opportunity available for the ABLE people of the world to become more ABLE.

I look forward to talking with you soon and I look forward to you PICKING MY BRAIN as you travel your own journey from success to significance!

NOTE: Phone calls are 100% confidential. Your information will be kept private and never shared with anyone for any reason.

Each call will not exceed 1 hour.

I can only accept a limited number of clients each month.

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