VIP GOLD Paul Santisi In PERSON Meeting + 5 Star Dinner
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VIP GOLD Paul Santisi In PERSON Meeting + 5 Star Dinner

Price: $10,000.00
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This is very RARE and limited time opportunity to associate with Paul Santisi one on one in person. 

How beneficial to your life would it be to have Paul Santisi’s undivided personal attention focussed on just one thing, YOU! 

Imagine being able to ask Paul Santisi about anything and having him give you “real answers” the “raw and unfiltered truth” on what you need to do to change or enhance your life or business.

Would you ask him about?

Success secrets that he has used to generate millions of dollars starting in his 20’s?

How he has become one the most listened to authors on the planet without ever spending a penny on advertising?

How he seems to know exactly what his audience wants and then delivers it with laser like accuracy?

How to read the energy in a room and use it to your advantage?

Maybe you want to know the secrets behind “intention” that turns you into a super magnet virtually instantly?

Maybe you want to learn the secrets behind marketing and how to make audios and videos that inspire people take immediate action and buy your product or service?

Maybe you have blocks or that black cloud over your head that you want permanently removed?

Maybe you want to learn some high level secrets on spirituality that are too powerful to share with masses?

Maybe you want to just talk “beyond” planet earth with someone who can talk well beyond this mortal reality.

Maybe you want to learn the formula on effective story telling that will sell your product or service with ease.

Maybe you have success and just want to feel safe, secure and satisfied with your life.

Maybe your have a lot of nice things that money can buy but you still don’t know why you are here and what your life's purpose is?

Maybe you just want to talk, hang out and eat some amazing foods?


How it works:

Pick your package (GOLD or PLATNIUM)



  • You'll fly into Boston, Massachusetts, Los Angles California or Orlando/West Palm International in Florida depending on where Paul will be upon final scheduling dates.
  • Paul will pick you from the airport or your area hotel in a world class limousine.
  • You will spend 3-4 hours talking all about you and what you want more from life at a special surprise location.
  • Paul will give you all the information and knowledge that he has on no matter what you ask (so bring lots of white paper and pens with blue ink).
  • Then you will enjoy a full scale 5 star dinner at a restaurant in the City of the meeting.
  • You will dine on the finest foods, sip the best wines, and continue the conversation well into desert.
  • Also depending on their availability, I may invite one my very influential celebrity friends to join us for dinner as an EXTRA SURPRISE BONUS!
  • Then we will wrap up the day/nite with our final conversation in the limousine as we drop you back off at the airport or area hotel.
  • Total even time will run between 6-9 hours.
  • BONUS ($1000 Value) - You will then have CONTINUED personal access to Paul Santisi for 30 days via personal cell phone for follow up, clarification, direction, specific “how to” information and direct connection to influential contacts that can assist you if needed, etc.
  • The sky is the limit and nothing is more powerful than observing the energy from someone who has been where you are who has what you want and who has been where you want to be.



Hello and thank you for you interest.  Notice I am not trying to prove a point by showing you a bunch of other peoples testimonials?
It’s because their is nothing to prove.  Each person’s experience is different and is kept 100% confidential.

Some will go on to make millions of dollars fast.  While others will finally remove that BLACK CLOUD of confusion that’s been over there head for decades. 

Some will experience creative ideas to change the world and some will finally know who they truly are and what there life purpose is.

At the end of the day everyone will experience aha moments and realizations about themselves that they never knew were possible. 

I do not ask those who take part in these special private meetings with me to share there stories or to send in testimonials for me tu use in an attempt to “impress you”.

THE FACT IS THAT, It’s much more satisfying when “others” become a success story first for themselves, then go onto to having a positive impact on others.  It’s observing others succeed first and then observing them as they help others to get more of what they want. That is what makes this doing these live meeting worth doing. 

I am making this opportunity available for the ABLE people of the world to become more ABLE.

I look forward to meeting you and I look forward to you PICKING MY BRAIN as you travel your own journey from success to significance!

  1. NOTE: Meetings are 100% confidential. Your information will be kept private and never shared with anyone for any reason.
  2. Client is responsible for there own travel and lodging expenses.
  3. YOU CAN ADD UP TO 3 ADDITIONAL PEOPLE: A spouse, partner, colleague of friend to join us + $4,000.00 (usd) Each.
  4. After that you will be contacted by our office within 48 hours to confirm the number of guests. As well as the meeting dates and times that are available.
  5. After that we will send you invoice for additional guests (if applicable) the remainder of payment is due within 72 hours.
  6. Upon final payment you will receive special package via mail delivery with additional information, and thank you gifts personalized by Paul Santisi.
  7. Current meetings are being booked for Mid 2019 - 2020. Take action now and secure this limited time opportunity to associate in person one on one with Paul Santisi before he’s to booked to keep offering this. Which will be soon!

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